Growing e-cigarette use is alarming


What is the world coming to? What is next in society? I have amazingly witnessed young people with this new fad of smoking electronic / e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes? Who was the Einstein that came up with this prize?

The truth is, it was invented in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. By heating liquid, it turns into vapor that the user inhales. It uses different flavors and a range of nicotine that may be selected.

I have watched four fast food workers pile into a car and within a short time a Stratus cloud forms in the vehicle and the smokers have vanished. Where did they go? A little while later the car doors open and it looks like a hydrogen bomb detonated as a large white cloud rolls out ascending to the sky and four smog people emerge.

It is unbelievable, I tell you, the amount of vapor that spills from their mouths. It just keeps pouring out as he walks to the building. The smoke stacks at U.S. Steel didn’t put out that much smoke.

They say e-cigarettes are only 1 percent of what a regular cigarette produces. New findings show it could be cancerous as well.

Minors cannot buy them as IDs are required.

Paul R. Lawson