Get to bottom of Trump probes


In response to the writer who was “sick and tired of seeing and hearing about the LCDs (least common denominators, such as Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, et al), in the mainstream media.”

They are in the news, he must realize, because of the other LCD (Donald Trump) with whom they are involved. The writer also stated that you cannot have an intelligent conversation with someone who has no control over his or her emotions or reason. Does he follow the news, the tweets of the President, listen to the President, who also seems to have no control over his emotions and lacks any sense of reason? He states that he is tired of hearing and seeing LCDs being promoted as if they are standard for the rest of us, but now we have an LCD in the White House. (I only use LCDs because the other writer used this term in his letter; it is not a term I would use to identify anyone.)

The writer complains about the money being wasted on this investigation. It won’t cost as much as the four-year investigation into Benghazi and Hillary’s emails, both of which resulted in nothing found and no indictments. But in this investigation, there are already several indictments. This investigation is not about Hillary losing the election. It is about corruption, crime and Russian interference. Don’t we need to get to the bottom of all this?