Fuda is a man with integrity


When I was a younger man, I didn’t much care about current events, or the world of politics, for that matter. As I mature, I realize I at least need to be aware of some of the concerns and issues that can impact my everyday life. Concerns, such as oil prices, can erode money from my wallet, and political issues can also have an impact on my family’s well-being.

While I have no control over the price of a barrel of oil, I do have some control over who represents my concerns in the political arena. Now, I would like to clarify again, that I’m not a politician, nor do I play one on TV. I did, however, follow a few of the local issues and nominees leading up to the most recent election, as I felt they have a direct impact on me and my family. It is with my concern of the latest political election that I feel compelled to write this letter.

You see, years ago I had the great fortune to shake hands with a local politician who seemed like a decent person just out trying to do a good job. You can learn a lot from a man’s handshake as my dad used to say, which is what I was taught when I was a young boy.

Anyhow, I would occasionally cross paths with this gentleman, or read in the Tribune Chronicle about something he was involved with in our area. Now, I must say, he was not always following the political majority, and this seemed to garner him some unpleasant public attention. But as I continued to follow this man, I found he stood for many of the values I was taught to uphold myself. I try every day to make sure my two sons understand a firm handshake, along with keeping your word, are qualities that will define who you are as you travel through life. Integrity and dedication are two more very important qualities that distinguish a man’s character. These virtues have been represented by Frank Fuda, not only in the most recent election, but for much of his life, I’m sure.

I find it appalling for someone to try to discredit another individual in a personal setting, but to do this in a public forum is reprehensible. To also publicly blame Tim Ryan for losing an election is saddening. I found Lisha Pompili-Baumiller’s verbal assault on Frank Fuda in the weeks leading up to the election to be distasteful and offensive.

Her lack of veracity was proven in obtaining 28 percent of the vote. I’m actually shocked she acquired that much support. I sense others in Trumbull County have the same judgment I have about Frank Fuda because he was vindicated with a victory. I also feel her printed comments after the election prove she should not be in any elected position to represent the public. I think that Dan Polivka and the Trumbull County Democratic Party need to re-evaluate who they choose to endorse in the future, as their actions are also governed by democracy. I’m grateful for the effort everyone made in getting out to vote, as this is truly one of our country’s greatest benefits.

In closing, I’d like to congratulate Frank Fuda and thank him for his continued dedication to the people of Trumbull County.