EPA’s Scott Pruitt must go


Scott Pruitt runs the president’s U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. And yet, Pruitt is so cozy with industry, he thinks he’s running the U.S Polluter Protection Agency.

Since he was confirmed, Pruitt has slashed environmental safeguards at every turn. He’s demonstrated he’s loyal to the dirty energy interests that have bankrolled his political ambitions and dictated his policy positions for more than a decade.

If that weren’t bad enough, Pruitt’s also under three separate investigations for misusing taxpayer money and illegally lobbying. And he’s trying to hide the truth from the American public by refusing to release his schedule, spending $43,000 on a custom soundproof phone booth in his office and even spending more than $100,000 taxpayer dollars on first class flights and private jets.

But the secret’s out – Pruitt is unfit to serve Ohio families and families across the U.S. He’s not working to protect the health or safety of the American people. It’s time for him to go.