Letters to the editor – March 4, 2018

Parents answer to gun violence – not laws


I do not understand why people are always talking about gun control. When I was growing up, my father, grandfathers and uncles all had guns in the house. I grew up knowing how to use those guns. I was also taught that if I touched those guns that the belt or tree switch or paddle would be making contact with my rear end. And no, you did not say, “I am going to call the Children Services on you for abuse,” because he would have handed me the phone and kept whipping my behind at the same time.

But back then parents were able to discipline their kids, and that is the way it should be. Children had respect for their elders and knew life was not easy and was never going to be. But the biggest thing that made the biggest difference was that God was in our schools and our daily lives, and he was in charge of this country. Parents, according to the Bible, are allowed to discipline their kids. My grandparents did not believe in spanking, but my 5-foot grandmother was not afraid. But then, she never had to. Parents were parents and took responsibility for their kids, and kids respected their elders. We did not have this social media crap and did not get mad at every little thing that we got in trouble for, we sucked it up and accepted what we did wrong and accepted our punishment. Were we happy with it? No, but we got over it.

If people want to stop the gun violence in this country and protect the kids, then get back to the old-fashioned way of doing things. Put God back in the schools and get rid of this notion that parents who spank their kids or take their privileges away from them are committing child abuse. Kids, suck it up, that’s life. No where does it say that life is going to be a cake walk or a tip toe through the tulips. For you parents who are doing drugs, be a parent, get rid of the drugs, grow up.

You can have all the gun control that you want, but if a person wants a gun, there are ways of getting one. Gun control starts with everybody’s help not just the government. People have to change. Put God back in the schools and in control of this country.



Make reducing health costs a priority


Of all the health-care discussions of the past, very few have concerned cost reductions, but that is the most important issue. Many say the government should do more, but the fact is, government is the cause of the crisis. Who decided that health insurance is an intra-state business? Who decided that Medicare should not bid on medications? Who decides when drug patents can be extended thus keeping generics off the market? Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration and other agencies are all in trouble because of rising costs. Lobbyists for big pharma and big insurance have enormous power in Washington, and even write most of the legislation for Congress. On the other hand, the people have little influence there except during elections, and then other issues play major roles.

Now in Congress is the CREATES Act Bill which would change the way generic drugs come to market. This bill has bipartisan support in Chuck Grassley, a Republican, and Patrick Leahy, a Democrat. Others and Big Pharma are against it. Call and write Congress and insist this bill comes a vote.

Any solution to the problem must include empowering the people to have a much larger role in making health care decisions. Government does have an important role here. Quacks cannot be allowed to practice medicine and pharmaceutical companies cannot be allowed to dispense poison. But the public must have a larger role in making their health care decisions.

One solution to the problem of rising costs are medical co-ops and direct primary care DPC agencies. These are private, physician-run enterprises that do not deal with insurance companies. These co-ops pay staff a salary and deal directly with drug and imaging companies and can receive 50 percent or higher discounts on those services. Typically a person pays a fixed amount per month and has total access to routine medical care, and along with a catastrophic insurance plan, a complete health program is possible. Costs can be $50 to $75 for a single person or $125 for a couple and $10 per child, with $175 maximum per family. Also the care is better because doctors spend time with patients — not insurance forms and regulations. DPC doctors will have less than 1,000 patients and regular practice doctors can have more than 3,000 patients.

Currently 21 states have DPC laws. Ohio has none, and as far I can determine, has no plans to develop any.

To see what other states have, search DPC laws. Virginia has some very informative sites.

Our legislators need to spend time writing laws that help people with medical costs. It’s time for a change.



Money seems no object to commissioners


Retirees meeting at the McKinley Heights McDonald’s came to the conclusion that our two county commissioners have no problem spending tax payers’ money that the county does not have.

Really? $95,000 plus perks? What are Commissioners Dan Polivka and Mauro Cantalamessa thinking?

All I know is that these two will not get our votes. If the commissioners did their job, the one that the people elected them to do, we would not need this administrator.

This is a slap in the face to all Trumbull County residents.



GOP, not Dems, shut down government


I was sad to see the editorial published in the Jan. 23 Tribune Chronicle.

Even if the headline, “Shutdown just a political ploy by Democrats,” is the editorial board’s true opinion, it is not true. At no other time in our history has the government been shut down when one party controlled the entire government like the Republicans do today.

Republicans do not need one single Democratic vote to pass anything.

Senate Majority Leader Republican Mitch McConnell can suspend, at any time, the 60-vote rule needed to pass a bill and go to a simple majority. He chose not to do that. Had he done that, the government would not have shut down. This, therefore, makes it the Republicans’ responsibility.

Republican McConnell has used this suspension of the rule before when it came to getting a Supreme Court justice appointed for Trump. How did they pass that tax reform bill on working poor people that they called a tax cut? No 60 votes there. So, in McConnell’s mind, it is more important to get a justice appointed than to keep the government running and help the rich rather than pay our military people.

McConnell personally killed paying the military during this shutdown the right after the vote was taken. Sen. Claire McCaskill rose immediately after the vote and asked for unanimous consent to pass a bill that would continue the pay our military. It was McConnell who objected and killed that chance.

Democrat Tammy Duckworth, who has lost limbs serving our country, tried the same thing in the House and was rejected by the House leadership.

All of this could have been avoided, but it was the Republican plan from the beginning to shut down the government and try and blame it on the Democrats. Republicans cannot govern, but they can play politics and the blame game better than anyone else. This was the Trump / McConnell shutdown and that is the fact because at any time, McConnell could have passed the bill. He didn’t want to. Trump said he thought we needed a good government shutdown — another fact omitted in the editorial.

As for why the government was temporarily open again, many will say it’s because the Democrats changed their votes, so it was their fault. That is simply what the Republicans wanted you to believe. They manipulated the situation to make it look that way.



County workers shouldn’t get bonuses


Any left-over funds from the Department of Job and Family Services or any other government agency should be returned to the state or local government.

It should not be an incentive for workers to do their jobs.

This whole thing is becoming a joke. It is a sad day when people expect or virtually demand a bonus to do a job they were hired to do.

If you can’t do your job, then you should be fired.

Never forget the government is a business. Businesses must balance their books properly. No bonuses. Period.



Where’s the loyalty to incumbent Fuda?


It is obvious that Commissioner Frank Fuda was thrown under the bus by fellow Commissioner Dan Polivka, chairman of the Trumbull County Democratic Party, and his newly appointed committee members at the recent endorsement meeting.

I find it astounding that Mr. Polivka and these members turned their backs on this man who has shown such dedication to the people he serves, working tirelessly for what he believes will make the county better for all of us.

Mr. Fuda has volunteered countless hours at events from one end of this county to the other, from church festivals and spaghetti dinners to chili cook-offs, being accessible to his constituents and listening to their concerns and their observations. He does this all year long, not just during campaign season.

My personal experience with then-Niles Councilman Frank Fuda was several years ago. After receiving extensive water damage twice in one week, I called Mr. Fuda’s residence near midnight, probably outraged, and leaving a message to return my call — he did not.

Instead, within 15 minutes he was knocking at our door and for several hours, he bailed water along side us.

I will never forget that small gesture in our time of frustration meant everything, proof that actions speak louder than words.

Mr. Fuda was then, and is now, one of the most compassionate, honest hard-working people holding office today.

His heart and soul are his driving force to do the work that he does, along with love for his country, and the people who live in it.

Frank Fuda deserves to be re-elected commissioner of Trumbull County.



Niles in a lurch again


Well, people of Niles, looks like we allowed the clowns we elected to city council screw up again.

Remember them telling us it’s best for the city to farm out the city tax department to private company, even though the Treasurer’s department under Janet Jones was collecting more taxes than ever.

Council put a knife in the department’s back. It didn’t stop there. Council then started adding more work on the treasurer until she said no more and resigned.

I would like to thank Ms. Jones for her great service to the city, and her staff for helping — even knowing their jobs are gone.



FEMA trailer policy must be stopped


This is in response to an Associated Press article “FEMA sells disaster trailers cheaply despite victim demand,” that previously appeared in the Tribune Chronicle.

Why would FEMA pay $150,000 for a trailer? You can buy a very nice house with property for that amount. I’ve looked at trailers, and you can buy a beautiful trailer for less than $40,000. Is this really how taxpayer money is being spent? That’s like flushing money down the drain.

Secondly, these trailers are being sold after 18 months of use or the first sign of minor damage for “pennies on the dollar.” Some of the minor damage listed on the online auction sites are dirty mattresses and loose trim. Some people still are sleeping in tents in Texas after Hurricane Harvey, and think of all the people in Puerto Rico who are homeless after Hurricane Maria.

According to the article, FEMA has no written policy regarding the disposal of used trailers. It also said seldom are the trailers given to another family after the initial 18 months. I think that is a crime. These people have suffered unimaginable hardships. They would give anything to have a bed to sleep in and a roof over their heads.

I was very upset when I read this article. There must be something that can be done about this waste of taxpayer money and our country’s resources.

I hope that everyone reading this will send a letter to his / her government officials voicing his / her concern that this situation exists in our country and demanding that the ridiculous policy be stopped.