‘We the people’ must now step up


Everything that happens in the Trump era should begin with (the question), “Can this really be happening?”

One minute it is collusion with Putin to try to fix the election, next it is supporting the child molester Roy Moore, etc.

Are we living in a science fiction movie or a reality show starring Trump?

That good old boy, Roy Moore said he couldn’t remember dating teenagers, but, if he had, he would have asked their parents first.


With stupid statements like that, it’s no wonder he lost the election. Now that he is unemployed, he should strap on his guns and put on his cowboy hat and get a job cleaning out stalls in a barn. The statement by Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones, was right on the button, “Men who hurt little girls should go to prison and not the United States Senate.”

But Moore won’t go to prison; he will sit back and collect a pension.

There is only one solution to women making less than men for doing the same job — and that’s unions.

Unions negotiate for all employees and everyone gets the same benefits. Organized labor has taken a hit the last two decades and this has stripped workers of protections from greedy companies and that means lower wages and terrible health care benefits.

If anyone thinks that Trump’s tax plan is good for them, then they haven’t been keeping track of these corporations that are receiving most of the tax cuts. They will not put their tax cuts to good use like higher wages, better benefits, having more workers and building new factories.

What they will do is pad their offshore accounts, give huge bonuses to their CEOs and give their shareholders bigger dividends.

Just a few words about people Trump appointed to major government positions.

First, the white supremacist, Steve Bannon; second, Jeff Sessions, a blatant racist.

If this is what this country has to look forward to, then “we the people” have to step up and get rid of a Congress that thinks Donald Trump is doing a great job and in 2020, make sure Trump or any other Republican does not get elected president.


Hermitage, Pa.