Socialism is suicide for the United States


The so-called Democrats won the popular vote in the 2016 Presidential election and feel this gives them the right to delay, obstruct and attempt to derail our president’s agenda. This is unfortunate because Democrats are voting for a false ideology that no longer exists in the U.S. because it has moved far left to become a Democratic Socialist party.

This is the best kept secret and this century’s greatest political lie.

The Democratic Party is on life support as its leadership (Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Keith Ellison, etc.) are far left, yet the party’s rank-and-file core seems to be only slightly left of center. This says nothing of the impending investigation of Clinton emails, Uranium One deal, Clinton Foundation, FBI and Department of Justice corruption and FISA warrant issues, which are bigger than Watergate ever was.

Barack Obama said prior to his election he would “fundamentally change this nation.” We now know exactly what he meant — changing our country politically and economically from capitalism to democratic socialism.

That elected Donald Trump president. Fully 60 percent of Americans said our country was going in the wrong direction, but people just couldn’t define “wrong direction.”

It is democratic socialism. The definition is government regulation and control of the economy and the private sector with the goal of wealth redistribution.

Socialism will destroy us from within. If the government could give you all or most of what you need, which it cannot, would you get up and go to work?

Political scientists have given us proof that a traditional Democratic party no longer exists. It has evolved left and has become a Democratic Socialist party like European models. The evidence is government rules, regulations and controls imposed by Obama that were choking our business and stifling our freedoms. Another example is the national debt, which doubled under Obama. He acquired more debt than all presidents before him. Explanation: Someone has to pay for all the free stuff.

Those who aren’t convinced will wake up some morning and ask what happened to our freedoms. If you want to stop Socialists, ask who is going to pay for all the free stuff, and would you prefer, with $20 trillion national debt, borrowing more from the Chinese or simply running the printing presses?

Socialism is no longer creeping forward in this country, but moving at an alarming rate, and it is suicidal for America.