Making schools like prison is no answer

DEAR EDITOR: Even by the reliably regressive standards of Tribune editorials, the Sunday Feb. 18 editorial “Sadly, schools must become mini-fortresses,” exhibited a stunning lack of intellectual rigor. You advocate turning every classroom in America into an armed camp, without consideration of any other option. Polls supporting enhanced background checks, closing the gun show loophole, banning assault rifles and a variety of other measures are at an all-time high. Even the majority of Republicans support many of these steps. But public opinion was not even mentioned as suggestive of alternatives. You call these new schools “mini-fortresses.” They sound like prisons to me. In addition to a gun violence epidemic, there is a crisis in education in America. Your arms race would not only be phenomenally expensive and a drain on scarce resources (as your editorial admits), but would create an environment that would be nobody’s idea of one that promotes creativity, learning and a sense of well-being. On a related matter, I believe this editorial was written by someone in your corporate headquarters in West Virginia. The Tribune has been, correctly in my view, a strong advocate for transparency in local government. You should take your own advice and let our community know when your highly partisan, pro-coal, pro-NRA owners are trying to force their regressive politics down our throats in Warren. DENNIS BLANK Warren