Make health coverage easier, not harder


Three million Ohioans like me rely on Medicaid to get the health care we need.

Some of us are elderly, children, or people with disabilities. But most of those of us who can, work. I own the Sew Cute boutique and classroom in downtown Warren. I also struggle with my health and without the care I receive from Medicaid, it would be hard for me to run my business. So why do state lawmakers and the Trump administration want to add work requirements to Medicaid?

It seems like another attempt to attack health care programs so many people like me need. Studies show work requirements don’t boost employment in the long-run. Besides, I’m working — and there are many like me, doing my best, just not making enough money to buy health insurance.

Work requirements would be just another hoop state legislators and the Trump administration want patients like me to jump through. Many of us, working hard, trying to get by, could lose our health coverage if we jump through a hoop wrong by mistake. This is wrong. Our leaders should be making it easier for people to get health care, not harder.