Grandstanding is not the answer


What if you were waiting in line for an event and through the back door they admitted people ahead of you who showed up late and without tickets? What if you went out to dinner and they ushered in people from a side entrance ahead of you? What if you are waiting in line at the airport and priority was given to those who cut in front of the entire line without proper identification? What if the country’s fiscal budget was up for ransom so that those who came to this country illegally were granted citizenship?

We all understand that the children of illegal immigrants had no choice in what their parents did. But to hold our entire country’s budget up for ransom due to criminal actions seems just as outlandish as putting people who skirt the system first; thus making those who follow the rules wait or even be denied entry. If that happened to you, would you think that’s fair? How many immigrants have been waiting to become U.S. citizens for decades? And yet, we want to fast track others that are here illegally. Yes, I think we need to find a solution to this issue, but grandstanding and holding the entire country hostage is not it.

If Democrats really were altruistic and serious about this issue, they would first support securing our borders. Second, they would not insist on citizenship, but a path to it. The path would be just as long as our legal immigrants have to take with no voting rights for decades. Third, they would support deporting those illegals that commit felonies. We know that Democrats are not benevolent humanitarians with good-hearted intentions in this. They want votes to keep in power. It took my grandparents decades to become citizens; is it fair just to give it away?

For all of the immigrants that are entrepreneurs or work hard at their jobs to improve their lives in our country, we welcome you. This is the greatness of our country — that someone can come from another country with nothing and improve not only their life, but the lives of people around them.

It’s hard to understand why government bureaucrats will target some immigrants due to paperwork issues and let other felons roam free.

Common sense is just not so common anymore. In three weeks, the Democrats will take center stage trying to sell us, as Nancy Pelosi put it, “dog poop with a cherry on top.”

Someone forgot to tell her that we already had that in the ACA.