Dems’ hatred for Trump is visible


With the release of the “memo,” we know with Hillary Clinton at the helm, this country would have been an extension of the last eight years and would have suffered through four years with more lies, deceit, fraudulent and criminal acts. All this turmoil led to millions of taxpayers’ dollars spent on investigations allegedly brought about by the Obama Administration, the Clintons, Clinton campaign, DNC and those in highest authority in the FBI and DOJ who abused power to destroy Donald Trump so he wouldn’t win. They do so even as he now serves.

Most importantly, if Trump had lost, these alleged crimes wouldn’t have been exposed, and the corruption would have continued. But he won.

In his first year of service, we have seen the economy grow at a steady and rapid rate. We have experienced the highest wage growth in years, and job growth continues with his deregulations and new policies in place.

After passing tax reform he now is focusing on immigration and building “the wall” and is offering plans and solutions for these endeavors to the Congress; however, the Democrats don’t appear to agree with anything he recommends. As I see it, it’s not the plans they oppose, but the man, because of hatred they hold for him.

This animosity and bitterness have been going on since the 2016 political campaign. At the State of the Union address, one could easily detect hatred by their expressions. Their attitude and demeanor were atrocious and juvenile. The Democrats are not interested in anything Trump proposes because they cannot tolerate him as their president or as a person. Rather than work on good policies for the country, their hostility and antagonism continue.

He is everyone’s president and it is quite obvious that he loves this country and wants to make it a better place for all Americans. I do not see Trump as a racist, and we cannot continue calling people racist every time someone disagrees with our opinions. Between “racist” and “political correctness,” we are killing this country. People such as Maxine Watters, Cory Booker, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and some Republicans need to get focused and quit being so combative. They need to work together for the good of this country. I have never before seen Americans and our media tear a man and his family to pieces as they have this president. By not working with him, it clearly and sadly shows that they hate this president more than they love the United States of America.