Dems and Tim Ryan stand for illegals


Our congressman, U.S. Tim Ryan, is a disgrace.

He chose to put illegal immigrants before his own people. Ryan and the liberal Democrats prefer illegals over even the minorities they pretend to help. There are also Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake who do the same. Tim Ryan chose to honor a man that left this country for three years and expected to return with open arms. Yet, he lied to Tucker Carlson about him not having his day in court.

During the State of the Union address, it was a disgrace to see the Democrats not stand when President Trump spoke about MS 13 being deported. Instead, they booed. This is not the Democratic party of old. It is borderline socialism. If the Democrats and some Republicans want illegal immigrants, then let them work for them. Oh, I forgot, they do. The Democrats are obstructionists who really don’t want DACA fixed, so they can blame it on Trump. Republicans like John Kasich, Graham, Flake and John McCain can turn Democratic. The Republican co-chair of Mahoning County can go to the Dems also. Democrats used to stand for something, now they stand for illegals.