Time to work together toward a better future


The lighthouse stands on a barren cliff, weathering the storm alone, with a cold raging tide crashing against the frozen rocks below, a revolving light piercing the darkness of night, a shining beacon of hope for salvation.

These times seem quite dark and gloomy, reflecting cold emotions, as evil pours forth into our society — random killings, deadly drug use, countless families that have broken up, lost children left without parents and dreams smashed before life begins.

I pray that a searching ray of light, great people like the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., “I have a dream,” who implored everyone to become brothers and sisters in humanity, joined with the guidance of God. Bring back leadership as Theodore Roosevelt, who stopped large business from monopolizing while taking advantage of its citizens. We need exceptional strong leaders who spiritually look to the heavens for guidance.

Somewhere at a point of time over the years, the light in our government wavered and diminished to a flicker, causing gradual change, bringing it times of hardship and strife. Our policymakers slowly drifted away from their responsibility of accomplishment. Not just one person or party, the entire system slowed down in finding sound solutions and solving critical problems for America.

One of Lucifer / Satan’s greatest tools is lying, not telling the truth. A few examples of his rewards are pleasure, money and power.

Nevertheless, at the end, their condemned soul is collected — in hell.

Where can we see this flourishing today?

Past America was self-contained. American people made all products within our country and they were the best the world could use. Everyone kept busy, we had an environment to succeed in with an opportunity to build our dreams.

It is said, “This too shall pass.” Indeed, it shall.

We should strive to change our future for the better.