Renacci bad for US


Rep. Jim Renacci is no friend of the Mahoning Valley.

He is a virulent proponent of such things as the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and he voted to eliminate 30 million Americans from access to health care insurance. Almost 16 percent of jobs in the Mahoning Valley are in the health care sector. We need those jobs and the families of the Mahoning Valley need expanded access to health care, not less. The city councils of Warren, Youngstown, Hubbard and Girard all passed resolutions against the attacks on health care.

Rep. Renacci and the GOP have been sabotaging the ACA with no improvements even proposed since the ACA was made law.

Rep. Renacci came to the defense of the president’s racist comments about immigration from countries like Haiti saying, “The president says what Americans are thinking.” Well Rep. Renacci may think he knows what Americans are thinking, but polls show that the majority of Americans do not share that view. And he actually represents the opinions of a minority of Americans, excludes whole American communities and divides us all.

Rep. Renacci also is anti-labor. In a candidate forum Oct. 9, Renacci stated that he wants to make Ohio a right-to-work state. He and his friends are aiming to put this anti-labor initiative on an upcoming ballot. We have seen these attacks on working families before with measures like SB-5.

Finally, Rep. Renacci voted for the tax reform bill that provides 83 percent of the benefit to the wealthiest corporations and individuals by 2027. Once again, Rep. Renacci was on the wrong side of what American families wanted. As polls showed, only 26 percent of Americans approved of the tax bill. At a time when we need to invest in our people and infrastructure and when corporate profits and stocks are at highs, Jim chose to stand on the side of wealthy donors instead of the Mahoning Valley families and those across the country. To compound the damage, the bill Jim voted for heaped a $1.5 trillion increase on federal debt that will be paid for by young people and by attempts to slash needed programs like Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.



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