Public should not fund opioid fight


Why are we going to provide billions of dollars for opioid addiction?

This is a self-inflicted problem with those taking them. They care more about getting high than they do their own kids. Why not help those who paid their dues who are on Social Security and Medicare? Those on Social Security did get a 2 percent raise, but they also had a raise in their Medicare by 20 percent.

Thanks to people like John Kasich and Tim Ryan, Medicaid expansion and “Obamacare” is going to kill more seniors than opioids.

This is not a self-inflicted problem for seniors. Spend the billions of dollars on more prisons and let them dry out there. The only time someone wants help is when they face the judge and cry that “drugs made me do it.”

I know firsthand because my nephew is in prison for various different crimes committed while on drugs. He received five years for armed robbery. I think he needed more time than that because he had a knife. What about the person he showed it to? What will she think now that she had a knife pulled on her?

This also was self-inflicted. He did not care about his kids. He cared only about the drugs and getting high. I say put the money into the poor and the elderly. How many poor can’t hear because of no hearing aids? What about the elderly that are paying the price of “Obamacare” and Medicaid expansion?

Why is it that a 30-year-old person can get Medicaid expansion and help, but a senior has to pay for it?

Let those addicted pay their own way, like everyone else.