Office of president deserves respect


America has never been so polarized or divided since the Civil War. As history has recorded, then-President Abraham Lincoln lost his life trying to keep the Union together.

Whether you voted for President Donald Trump or candidate Hillary Clinton, the democratic system has spoken. The system that was put into place by our founding fathers not only worked then, but it continues to work today during these trying times.

When celebrities choose to protest and reject Trump as our chosen president, I am offended and take it personally that my vote isn’t respected. These individuals have a platform that many of us don’t possess and never will. Celebrities get opportunities that most Americans will never get — an invitation to the White House. When they choose to make a public display of their disgust for the elected president, they offend every American who voted for that candidate; and that I take very personally because he is my president and my choice.

An honor is being bestowed upon you and to refuse this invitation is not only disrespectful to the democratic system but to those who put that candidate there. This has become a country of “me first.”

Our nation and our liberties are under attack by those who do not believe in democracy. Some of these people immigrated to our country to escape the atrocities to which they were subjected. Others were born here believing their voice and choice is more important than that of their neighbors and refuse to accept the outcome. The choice to not respect the system or the office of president should offend every American because it threatens our democracy.

Celebrities making commercials after the November election to try and sway the Electoral College to change their vote showed their arrogance. To believe the voters listen to them or care what they think was shown by America’s choice for President Trump. The individuals who will never get that invitation to the White House are heard, thanks to our founding fathers.

The office of the president deserves respect no matter who serves in it.

Celebrities saying they will leave the country trying to sway our votes gives much credence to the delusion of grandeur many of them possess. But our reality is paying the bills on a daily basis. If even invited to the White House, how many would be able to afford to go? Loss in pay or cost associated with getting there is prohibitive for those living check to check. Many of these celebrities take for granted what many struggle day to day to achieve or accomplish.