Who loses the most?


“Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face,” is an expression to describe a needlessly self-destructive overreaction to a problem. It is a warning against pursuing revenge in a way that would damage oneself more than the object of one’s anger.

I feel what is going on in America is uncalled for — as to how it is playing out.

Women coming forward to inform the public of inappropriate behavior of men, incidents of the past. I totally agree, it was completely wrong and yes, male behavior should not be presented as such. They should be penalized. One’s total disgrace is a severe punishment, I would think, a public castration of their image.

One of the most important ingredients in our society is the news — informing people of events around us, by professionals.

Now look what we have, people that have served the public for quite some time and for the most part, if not all, have done an outstanding job.

Case in point, Charlie Rose, a seasoned veteran in news business with meritorious service who has taken us through many different subjects and lifestyles enhancing our knowledge about today’s world.

His job was terminated by PBS and CBS. Who really loses in this event, Charlie Rose or society?

During WWII, Dwight D. Eisenhower had a falling out with Gen. George S. Patton, but realized he was still needed to help win the war and kept him.

We have created more harm than good with this outcome. This is like flying on an airplane and all the passengers deciding they don’t like the pilot, so they throw him off the plane.

Who loses?