Think for yourself


Anyone who is paying attention should be angry. We have a president and a chief of staff “lying” about what President Trump said and or how he said it, confirmed by the widow of a fallen U.S. soldier and the chief of staff. They also are lying about how that was received. Chief of Staff Kelly lied about a congresswoman and what she said and did; there is video evidence of the facts! Yet, as of Oct. 24, they still deny it. How can anyone supporting this president call themselves a Christian?

I challenge all who believe in Christ to look inside themselves and ask,“How can you give this president a pass on such behavior?” How can you give the lying four-star general a pass on lying about a congresswoman? Are people in the U.S. so selfish to want money like the president has gained immorally but legally? One Republican said the people do not care how the president or government gets them more money. Working people just want it. The how is all that matters, not getting it. The money is already there; it is the corruption of corporate America that is keeping the fair share from getting to the people. I said fair share, not equal share. As long as you don’t care how your financial life gets better, it will be the problem for humanity. Corporate America doesn’t care. That is why they have so many people in Congress on their campaign finance payrolls. I am sure many of those on the corporate payroll have issues with what they do but see no light. Especially Republicans.

Forced choices are not real choices. They are engineered to get the desired outcome of those who create the choice, engineered by the corporate powers that are destroying humanity for profit. A simple and primitive way of thinking easy to understand for the individual it is intended to subdue. Democrats were forced into choosing Hillary. Thanks to the democratic liberal corrupt media. Trump was forced as the other choice. The old adage “be careful what you wish for” has never been more true than in 2016. Time to get real and start trusting in real people and educating them. The only entity that will educate people without a political bias is our public schools. No private school will ever promote the values needed for a free society. They have their own profit motive agenda.

So start educating yourself on the truth not the propaganda. Think for yourself, not what others tell you to think. Challenge me; I welcome it.