President’s tax cuts won’t help America


Whatever happened to the rantings and ravings of the Tea Party on how we can’t keep spending and we have to bring down the deficit? It seems like they don’t care if the Donald Trump administration spends and then spends some more. They made a big deal of it when Barack Obama was president and now that our government is run by anti-middle-class Republicans, they have gotten caught up in Trump’s type of insane leadership.

Next on the list of anti-American proposals is the Republican Tax Plan. It was sold with the promise that the tax cut will create jobs and growth. Just the opposite will occur. The Republican tax cuts will become the major obstacle vital to generating good jobs and future economic growth. Contrary to what Trump says, the rich and big corporations will pocket the vast bulk of the tax cuts, not working people. They will not pay for themselves. They will increase the deficit. Where was the outcry from the Tea Party?

For 80 percent of Americans the tax cut will be so small that they wouldn’t know they even had a tax cut. There is no reason to believe that tax cuts will generate greater growth or more jobs, so why does Trump keep saying things like, “Our country and our economy cannot take off without the tax cuts”?

The one thing I will never understand is how do you spend more money on things like the military, building the wall and allocating billions for disaster relief and then weaken the treasury by trillions with tax cuts. I think that corporations and millionaires and billionaires like Trump and everybody in his Cabinet have enough money to last three lifetimes. So making them even richer is just plain ridiculous.

With this president and the Republican majority in both houses, there isn’t going to be money spent on rebuilding the infrastructure, decent health care for all Americans and fighting drug addiction. Remember these things when they come begging for your vote in 2018.


Hermitage, Pa.