People take sides in divided America


Remember the woman fired for flipping off Donald Trump’s motorcade? She has been deluged with job offers from liberals, and donations have generated $117,000 for her, and counting. This seems small, but it’s indicative of our society.

There was a time when doing something trashy was frowned upon because no one with class would do anything like that. Those days are gone and are replaced by non-stop trolling, outright hatred of people with differing opinions and grotesque tribalism. Gridlock is the rule of the day in Congress, mainly because the right and left don’t agree.

Ask this: On how many fundamental questions about American life do you agree with Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi? Think about basic questions of American life.

The Constitution? Conservatives believe in it. Liberals believe in a “living Constitution,” which is fundamentally no different than having no Constitution at all.

Religion? Conservatives tend to believe in Judeo-Christian values. Even atheists who are conservative tend to at least be friendly to those values. Liberals mock Judeo-Christian values.

Patriotism? Conservatives tend to love their country. Liberals love this country like a wife-beater loves his spouse.

Conservatives tend to be capitalists. Liberals tend to be socialists. Conservatives believe people should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Liberals believe your race defines you. Conservatives believe in equality of opportunity. Liberals believe in equality of results. Conservatives believe in freedom of speech. Liberals are fine with silencing people that disagree with them.

And conservatives believe in small government. Liberals believe in a frighteningly powerful central government dictating every move. That’s perhaps most significant because if liberals could live as they want in California, New York and Connecticut, while conservatives lived in Texas, South Carolina and Utah, we could shrug off differences.

It’s right to be concerned about the country, and it’s possible we won’t hold together long term. What happens when we have a debt-driven economic crash that causes Social Security and Medicare to be gutted? Other than wanting to get those checks, what holds us together?

We’ve broken bonds as a nation before, with the British and the Civil War. We may be headed toward another break down the road. That should not be welcomed, but when large percentages of population are forced to live under grating rules they disagree with in the strongest of terms, paid for with increasingly large amounts of tax money they didn’t want to give up and implemented by people they don’t like, respect or feel bound to as a people, no wise person should assume that will continue indefinitely.