Comment trivialized brother’s death


On Nov. 18, you published a letter from Pastor Rod Winyard about prisoner Joe Dudley.

While I found the whole letter disgusting, because I am the sister of the victim of his crime, what was extremely upsetting to me was the editor’s note. That note stated that my brother was shot and killed by Joe Dudley stemming from a road rage incident.

You should check your facts. My brother had met Joseph Dudley earlier in the evening and played pool with him for hours. They all left the bar at the same time and my brother was in his car behind Joseph Dudley when they pulled off the side of the road. Joseph Dudley walked back to my brother’s car and shot him in cold blood for no reason. When he returned to the car, he told the passengers, “It was the little guy from the bar and it was the best execution I have ever seen.”

Please don’t trivialize my brother’s death by making up a different story. Joseph Dudley was a cold-blooded killer, regardless of what he did while in a very controlled environment. He should never have been let out into society again.