Build the wall


Someone has to write this letter. Let it be me.

As a society we have become soft in our justice system. Used to be for rape, kidnapping or murder, you were executed by hanging, electrocution or a single bullet. In today’s society, you plea bargain; the judges are under pressure to not punish to the fullest extent of the law because of the do-gooders that say we are not God.

Well, I am sure since He is not on earth, we are given this right to not allow these people to roam our streets to terrorize and do irreparable damage to the victims of these crimes and get a free pass through our courts to live a free life or in our prisons for years at taxpayers’ expense.

The excuses in today’s society are endless and the victims are dead or traumatized for life. We now give a deserter in the military freedom, sex offenders have the right to register, a rapist gets a slap on the hand, a murderer life in prison while he uses our judicial system to delay an execution for decades.

People say we should be a civil society and forgive; easy to say if it didn’t happen to one of your family.

We did away with mental hospitals, give people drugs, send them back into society and most do not even seek help. We have sanctuary cities and now, California, a sanctuary state that harbors criminals to do harm to American citizens.

Kate Steinle’s murderer — a seven-time felon who was deported five times and lives in California — said he picked up a gun wrapped in a T-shirt or towel and it went off accidentally three times and killed her. He was given three years for discharging a weapon. And these people call it justice. As an American you would think that every politician would be outraged at even one American citizen being killed by an illegal in this country. I am and they’re not.

His first felony is entering the U.S. illegally. He had no right to be here.

When Ronald Reagan was president, Congress said if he gave 3 million illegals citizenship, they would build a wall. What a joke on us. Seems the Democrats and liberals are happy that illegals kill American citizens. Create new jobs, build more prisons and hire more guards. And build the wall.