What Democrats really stand for


It has taken two years to figure out what the Democratic party stands for in America — they are not for life; they stand for murder.

Responsible gun owners numbering 100 million did not kill anyone today, but abortion doctors did. Democrats are for sanctuary cities, shielding the illegals deported multiple times to murder American citizens. They are for rape by these illegals as recently as Oct. 10 in New Jersey. One, who was freed from jail and raped a 6-year-old child. Chicago, led by Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel, has among the most strict gun laws and also has the highest kill rate. Democrats keep electing him, why?

The Obama administration, along with Eric Holder, sent 2,000 firearms into Mexico to see if anyone from their drug cartel would come across our border with these weapons, now think about this.

These two people who are supposedly intelligent men are now seen as stupid, incompetent men with no common sense and then not only covered it up, but Obama gave Holder executive privilege to not have to testify to be held accountable for the actions. And they have the nerve to lecture Americans on gun control! To me, they were arms dealers to the Mexican cartel. They are against free speech as they allow Antifa, to me an American terrorist group, to beat up conservative speakers at the University of Berkeley, and the professors allow this to happen. They are for open borders, welfare, where they give more people a handout instead of a hand up. This is called oppression of the people.

They do not support our police to keep American people, these so-called government subsidies to prop up insurance companies so “Obamacare” would not fail to the tune of $7.6 billion a year on the backs of taxpayers is corruption at its finest. When you put a dollar amount to this, I am outraged. Who authorized this? Obama never went through Congress, it was not in the original draft and he slipped it in, this was shameful, just to make him look good.

In the Iran deal, pallets of money were given to them. We aren’t supposed to deal with terrorists; this was done in the middle of the night. This seems to be their way of governing.

Ask one question: “How do you feel being scammed by this party for eight years?”

This is a party that cannot control themselves. And as for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, they should retire. Hillary Clinton’s book should be titled “Despicable Me.”