What’s the real Russian collusion?


In the past few days there were three stink bombs that went off in the Washington, D.C., swamp. The first was that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid $6 million to drum up a Russian dossier to make President Donald Trump look bad. Clinton had admitted that it was a fake and said she lied.

The second is the Department of Justice will open another investigation into Hillary’s email scandal.You remember then-FBI Director James Comey rambled on for 15 minutes telling us about all the wrongdoings of her emails and then closed by saying he wasn’t going to do anything about it.

The third is the biggest zinger. An FBI informant was put under a gag order by the Obama administration not to tell Congress about a Russian deal to sell them 20 percent of our uranium.

The DOJ has just released the informant to take his bushel of information to the House and Senate intel committees. There were millions of dollars that changed hands to make this deal. This involves Obama through an army of others in the swamp, including Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Chris Mathews, Maxine Waters and I will get a thrill if the Clintons go to prison. Don’t take this to the bank, as the rich and powerful don’t seem to pay for their crimes.

We have a new sheriff in town. How about getting off Trump’s back and get the real Russian collusion people.

William E. Heston