Trump aligned with Vladimir Putin


President Donald Trump is Putin-izing the presidency. He has seen Putin’s “corporate business model” of running Russia and is copying it as much as he can for his own personal profit motive, also with Putin’s help. That is why Trump refuses to implement the sanctions passed overwhelming by Congress. Passed so much so that Trump signed it into law because he did not want to see his first overriding of a veto be another major presidential defeat of so many. However, it is clear now that Trump is a good investment for Putin and Russia. Why? Trump, as president, is refusing to do what the law says and implement those sanctions. Congress is powerless to make him do it. They can impeach him. That is a dereliction of duty and impeachable. One of several impeachable acts of Trump. But Republicans have no stomach for such action.

In the U.S., the Justice Department is to be independent from political influence. Trump, as president, has been doing interviews of Department of Justice attorneys who potentially would be in charge of justice in specific areas of the country that would affect Trump personally. These interviews have never been known to happen before by any president.

That is what Putin has done in Russia with his power — pick his people to be in power. In the U.S., the people are supposed to do that and only those allowed by law. Only Putin has much more power than Trump, for now. Trump could make America a slave nation again and sadly, the very people that will be his slaves are the ones that voted for him. Putin controls Trump and that is evident by Trump refusing his responsibilities — to enforce the sanctions passed that he signed. He won’t because it will hurt his personal Russian relationship, the one that helped get him elected, the part of the deal that we see by the actions of Trump.

Time to get real people and start looking at the facts. There are no alternative facts. Fox News gets so many interviews from Trump to keep that base drinking the Kool-Aid and the mirage of Trump in vision.

And good luck going to court when a bank messes with you. Something Trump and Republicans just passed in the Senate to kill consumer protections. And those two so-called brave Republican Sens. Flake and Corker? They just voted for it. They need jobs after they leave.