Time for change in McDonald


McDonald School system has its fair amount of problems in the past.

These problems were dealt with quickly, and the school system survived. A week before the November elections, I received a letter from the McDonald Board of Education. It indicated that a proposed new stadium, football field and an all-weather track were to be put on hold due to “unforeseen” issues in purchasing of the land (36.6 acres). When the 10 year, 5 mill levy was introduced in November 2016, I was under the impression the land was already purchased. It was communicated, “The stadium is going to be built no matter if the levy passes or not.”

The levy passed. Here we are, a year later, and now we’re being told the land was not purchased due to “unforeseen” complications. Every tax-paying individual has a right to know what is going on within their community, even if they do not attend board of education or council meetings. Mailers should have been sent out, earlier in the year, indicating any problems with the land purchase as well as the construction of the new stadium. Before the levy was introduced back in 2016, a thorough investigation should have been done, determining any future conflicts in purchasing the land. The individuals who were in charge of this land purchase and levy need to be accountable.

The lifetime occupants of the board of education, as well as village council, need to be replaced, as well as any other individuals who took part. The Village of McDonald needs people with new and innovative ideas to replace the stagnant and unenthusiastic. I am in no way endorsing candidates for McDonald Board of Education or village council, but it’s time for a change.