The ACLU and the Democratic Party


These two working together have taken away, little by little, what America stands for.

First, it was not saying Merry Christmas. Then no manger displays in public places. They still are trying hard to take away the Second Amendment and freedom of speech every day.

They want to take away our history by removing statues that offend them. They want to take away World War I memorials in the form of a cross. They want to ban the book in schools “To Kill a Mockingbird” because it hurts their feelings.

There is disrespect for our flag and national anthem.

It seems to me we are coming under Nazi rule.

My immigrant grandparents came from Austria to America to flee the Nazis and now as their grandchildren, we are witnessing this in America.

We will be led to the slaughterhouse like sheep if we allow this to happen. As Chief of Staff John Kelly has said, “Used to be women were held sacred, that’s gone in our society, dignity of life is gone, religion used to be sacred, that’s gone.”

Now a Democratic congresswoman’s selfish behavior toward President Donald Trump for calling a Gold Star wife and manipulating what was said to her is disgusting. Seems the Democratic party cannot even keep this sacred. I am sure veterans of this country and families of fallen soldiers feel disgusted for what she has said. I do not think that the Democratic Party can go any lower.

Remember the Civil War soldier Nathaniel Grigsby had engraved on his headstone, “Beware the Democratic Party.” It still speaks volumes to me.