Still not winning under Donald Trump


I guess when you drink the Trump Kool-Aid, you’re brainwashed for life.

I’m referring to the article featuring a President Donald Trump supporter that was published in the Nov. 13 Tribune Chronicle.

The supporter said Trump’s election hasn’t been a letdown for him, but Trump could be doing more to “shake the rust off the rust belt.”

Remember when Trump said we would get tired of winning? Let’s look at some of Trump’s so-called accomplishments. Renegotiation of NAFTA? Nothing has been done on this. New apprenticeship programs? Nothing here. Severe opioid epidemic? Only talk, no action. Failing education system? Nothing new here. Tax reform? It will only benefit the wealthy and big corporations. Loss of steel mills and other factory jobs? No new businesses and no new jobs. Increase in wages? Sorry, no increases. Health care? New bill failed because all that is needed is to repair and improve the Affordable Care Act.

I could go on, but I’m tired of all of Trump’s accomplishments.

Recently Trump went on a trip to Asia to show all the people how great and smart he is. Guess what? This trip has been a total disaster. We are the laughing stock of the world.