Still no proof of Russian collusion


To my dismay, some Americans are disappointed in President Donald Trump for not getting anything accomplished. But he has accomplished quite a bit with both hands tied behind his back by the Democrats and Republicans, while continually taking punches thrown by the main-stream media.

His nomination of Neil Gorsuch as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court was deemed a “home run” by conservatives. He was road-blocked on getting health care reformed or repealed and now it appears his promise of a tax cut will be unsuccessful. While Democrats are playing politics to regain the House and Senate in 2018, it is Republicans that draw my ire. Most vote against Trump because they don’t want change in their cozy positions in Washington. Some vote against him for personal reasons, i.e., John McCain, and care nothing about “We the people.” They ignore the fact that constituents voted them into office to represent their wishes to change the same worn-out and ineffective laws and regulations that Trump attempted to initiate.

The stock market has reached new highs under Trump, and the unemployment rate dropped to 4.4 percent, the lowest since May 2007. He must be doing something right!

He has accomplished all this while enduring Democrats’ politically motivated effort to link him and his administration to Russian collusion. In a year’s time, not one shred of evidence has linked Trump to Russian collusion. However, there is plenty of evidence that Democrats were very friendly to the Russians by selling a fifth of our uranium supply to a Russian-controlled company and a cool $500,000 speaking fee paid to Bill Clinton from a Russian bank. There is no talk of an investigation of the Clinton ties to Russia or the people highly involved from the Obama administration. No surprises there.

But those who watch national main stream media won’t even know what I’m talking about because CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC have not discussed any possible criminal activity from the past eight years.

I honestly try to watch CNN and MSNBC to gain the other side’s perspective. However, they are so hung up on still trying to implicate Trump colluding with the Russians, I soon find I am wasting my time.

Trump certainly didn’t need this job, but I believe he truly loves this country and is trying to “make America great again.” Has Trump been perfect? No, but what president has? I don’t care for his “tweeting,” but can you really blame him? It’s the only way he can get his word out to the American people.