OARRS: Too far or not enough?


As a way to prevent opioid drug abuse, Ohio adopted the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting program, or OARRS.

There have been many negative opinions on something that can only help us fight the drug epidemic happening in Trumbull County. According to media reports, Trumbull County ranks 11th in Ohio in the number of pain pill prescriptions. State legislatures across the country are creating databases in order to monitor prescription drug use. By allowing other states to see what patients have been filling it gives the pharmacists a way to see if patients filled narcotics or class II opiates recently. This can only help the community by limiting people from selling or taking their prescriptions incorrectly, or getting them filled too early in a different pharmacy or state.

OARRS is in no way a violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution regarding unreasonable searches and seizures of personal information. Allowing patients to go pharmacy to pharmacy, state to state getting narcotics knowingly filled is unlawful. Pharmacists have the right and the duty to know when they fill a prescription that it isn’t being abused.

OARRS should be adopted by every state in order to track the use of narcotic prescription drugs. This not only will save lives, but it may take many opiate dealers out of business.