Local government plays critical role


During this season of Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday cheer, I would like to thank the voters, constituents and candidates for their efforts over this past municipal election. City elections do not get the attention they deserve. We tend to be focused on the national scene and ignore the fact that the most important services to our daily lives are provided by local government.

If one contemplates the idea of calling our president at the White House switchboard about a complaint regarding potholes, garbage collection, water, sewers, speeding cars, barking dogs and a plethora of items that are handled by local government, then the critical nature of local government becomes readily obvious.

I am humbled that the voters have chosen me for 5th Ward Councilman and am profoundly aware of the criticality of the many issues facing the citizens of our fine community. Let us think of all the other candidates, all of those who put their names onto the ballot for the various races — Bob Moody in the Ward 5 Democratic primary, and in the general election, John Sterling. It takes courage and dedication to even consider such an endeavor, let alone put one’s name and reputation out there for review. Bravo to all those who care enough to run, may they continue their participation to improve the system and our city.

My wife and I have met many neighbors across the 5th Ward. They watch each others’ houses and care deeply about the community and the city. We share a passion for the city of Warren. Our city faces many challenges, as we have in the past.

Thank you and may God bless our endeavors and watch over our community, friends and families as we head into the new year and beyond.


5th Ward Councilman-elect