Limit elected terms as start of a fix


Once again the ugly head of divisiveness has come to the forefront in America. Take a knee and join in protesting life in the U.S.A.

Whining has become the great American pastime. Let’s really talk a little about the truth. Is life in America truly that bad? Do we really need to insult our veterans and forefathers who fought and bled and died to give us freedom and liberty to enjoy the greatest standard of living the world has ever known. With patriots like these whiners, do we really need a foreign enemy to defeat us? We are our own worst enemy. I see a nation this divided on so many fronts eventually exploding in violence and revolution.

If we cannot come together and find common ground and that common ground begins with a return to God, the outlook is grim.

Where do we start? Let’s start at the top. Let’s limit terms in political office. These were never meant to be lifetime jobs. A far as public servants, they would more correctly be called public leeches. Our government is broken. We need drastic changes and these “public servants” are not offering them. And why should they? Life is good inside the Beltway. Time is running out and the enemy is going to tell you.