Letter: Wake from your dreams



It is the privilege of every Christian to walk in the light, as God is in the light, and to have that peace that will flow unceasingly as we keep busy about His work. And it is our privilege to be full of the joy of the Lord.

God doesn’t ask us to rejoice over nothing, but He gives us some ground for our joy. Suppose you met someone on the street so full of joy that they took hold of both your hands and said, “Bless the Lord, I am full of joy!” But when you asked why, they don’t know why. Would you think this person was unreasonable? But there are a great many people who feel — who want to feel — that they are Christians before they are Christians; they want the joy the Christians experience before they become Christians; they want to have the joy of the Lord before they receive Jesus Christ. But God says this is not the gospel order. He brings joy when He comes, and we cannot have joy apart from Him; there is no joy away from Him; He is the author of it, and we find our joy in Him.

People of this world think Christians are dreamers. Many years ago, a poor fellow who had been deep in sin, but wonderfully converted, was standing on a street corner telling people what the Lord had done for him. A big burly guy in the crowd suddenly shouted, “Wake up, old man, wake up; you’re dreaming!”

At that a little girl stepped up to him and said, “Oh, please sir, please don’t wake him up. That is my daddy, and he is such a good daddy now. He used to be so different before he dreamed. He beat my mother, he spent all his money for drink and we were miserable; but when he began to ‘dream’ like this, everything was different. He brings money home now and provides for us all. He is so kind to my mother and to all of us, and we want him just like he is now.”

Yes, the world of today thinks it is the Christian, the believer, who is the dreamer. But Christians know that it is the Christ-rejecter who is dreaming. The unsaved person who hopes that everything is going to come out all right, when in reality it is all wrong and will be for all eternity unless they turn to Christ, are the real dreamers. Be persuaded that there is no other Savior but Jesus; there is no other way but His way. May it be that God awakens you out of your dreams! Come to Christ!