Honor the flag because of pride


It makes my blood boil to see scumbags disrespect our flag. These self-proclaimed “warriors” should put their money where their mouth / knee is.

Kaepernick and his followers should budget themselves $1 million of their multimillion-dollar salaries and donate the rest to their cause. Just don’t mess with our flag.

Respecting the flag is not forced obedience, just plain old American pride. To respect the flag is not a law, just an American tradition that comes straight from the heart.

Some people get it, others don’t.

Some laws aren’t written, just understood. Respect and care for your elders, love and nurture your children, honor the dead (with some exceptions), love your country, which doesn’t mean government, respect the flag, which doesn’t mean the government; etc.

The citizens of this country are the beneficiaries of our military’s sacrifices. These athletes and the gutless NFL owners and many others obviously don’t get it.

Semper Fi.