Dems’ radicalization poisons America


Is there anything left in American public life that isn’t an occasion for political division?

NFL games are political theater and Los Angeles and Austin replaced Columbus Day with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”

It should be obvious by now that culture wars are unending. Whether it’s celebrity reactions to unsurprising news of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misdeeds or outraged calls for repeal of the Second Amendment following the Las Vegas massacre, very little can happen in America now without occasion to appeal to one’s own political tribe. There is little room for solidarity because there is no appetite for it. Even late-night comedy shows cannot resist partisan political rants.

Americans are sorting themselves into political tribes with less in common. The median Democratic voter has radicalized much faster than the median Republican voter, and most of this radicalization happened while a Democratic president was in office. Although it’s true that Republicans have moved further to the right as Democrats have moved further to the left, it’s the leftward slide that should worry us.

For all its shortcomings, conservatives at least believe in the principles of the Constitution and maintain no matter how bad things are, the Bill of Rights is the basis against tyranny and violence. In contrast, Timothy Egan of The New York Times argues for repeal of Second and Fifth Amendments.

The rapid radicalization of Democrats follows a ruthless logic about the entire premise of the American constitutional order. If you believe, as progressives do, that America was founded under false pretenses and built on racial oppression, then why bother conserving it? Why bother trying to compromise with those on the other side, especially if they reject progressives’ unifying theory that America is forever cursed by its original sin of slavery, which nothing can expiate?

Do not dismiss Democrat thought process, because this view of race and America is becoming mainstream for the left. Racial identity politics argues Trump’s presidency is based on white supremacy, so progressive elites no longer believe they can share a republic with conservatives, or anyone with whom they disagree.

On college campuses, progressive activists wish to silence anyone who disagrees with them.

For a sincere progressive, almost everything in the past is crime against the present, and the only greatness America can attain is by repudiating its past and shaming or silencing those who believe preserving our constitutional order is the best way to get along.

Therefore, the radicalization of Democrats is much more dangerous than the radicalization of Republicans. It means the culture war is going to encompass everything and will never end.