Consider Medicare for all


Is health care a privilege or a right?

That, I believe, is the question at the heart of the current ongoing debate over the state of health care coverage in America.

To be sure, it’s an oversimplification of a very complicated subject.

A plan for health care that I believe could be good for all Americans is the Sanders plan, proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont for a single-payer health care — a system of Medicare for all Americans.

According to an article in the New York Times, The Sanders plan will change health care in two ways. It will expand health care for many Americans and slim down the health care system long-term with the goal of making health care affordable for everyone.

Medicare is, on both sides of the political aisle, a popular government health insurance program. It is an entitlement program that provided insurance to the elderly, disabled and those with other chronic illness. Medicare is structured in a way that outlines a list of covered medical procedures at certain prices and then pays doctors and hospitals when those services are utilized.

In his health care plan, Sanders proposes expanding the system of Medicare for all Americans. This would ensure universal health care coverage, save the country money and improve the affordability of health care for many more Americans. This system of health care coverage could help millions of currently uninsured Americans to obtain health care coverage.

“The only way change happens is when people become more significantly involved in the political process,” Sanders said.

Now is the time for Americans to come together in favor of affordability and accessibility of health care to the greatest possible number of Americans. The Sanders plan seems, at least to me, like a great idea.