Concentrate on the United States


Donald Trump is attempting to extend what was Bush’s war, then Obama’s war. The place is Afghanistan, and he wants to throw more American soldiers into that mess.

The killing continues and we taxpayers keep pumping billions of dollars into the giant sandbox. Five-thousand more troops were requested by his generals. The only thing 5,000 troops will guarantee is more casualties. We weren’t able to win in Afghanistan when we had 100,000 over there.

Trump has to remember that he has to have a whole lot more troops if we go to war with North Korea or Syria or both.

In 2012, President Obama pledged to end U.S. involvement; you see how that worked out.

We won’t win that war with Trump in charge or anyone else, so let’s get out of that mess and concentrate on America.

Rebuilding the infrastructure, instituting a Medicare for All Health plan, strengthening Social Security instead of weakening it and making the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes.