Bring back compassion in nation


What has happened to our country? Where is all this hatred and bigotry coming from? I certainly wasn’t raised that way. I was taught to be kind and understanding to all people, race, religion, sex, disability, it didn’t matter. You show kindness and usually you receive kindness in return.

My first 12 years of life I lived in Southern California. A small city, Rialto, where it was a third white, a third black and a third Mexican. We all lived together and got along just great. We endured the “Watts Riots,” and we all never wavered in our belief in each other.

We moved here to Warren in 1970 and I brought those same beliefs and feelings with me. They have never changed, even now, during these difficult times.

I see the change that is becoming the norm in our society. I truly believe it is because of our president. I do believe he is a racist. He has done nothing to change my mind. He is no Kennedy, Truman, FDR or Reagan. All he is, is a narcissistic, hateful bigot.

I was a Republican for many years, but I did vote for Obama and I did vote for Clinton. When I voted, I wouldn’t just vote party, but who I thought was best for our country. Most of them happened to be Republican, but not in this case.

I am literally ashamed of our president. We the people have got to wake up and do something. Even if that something is to push for impeachment to remove this hateful man from office.

We have to bring back the love, kindness, compassion to all people. I don’t care the race, religion, sexual identity or gender, we have to bring it back!