Athletes can take a knee for whole game


I believe pro sport stars are picking the wrong fight.

The federal government has no laws or regulations condoning prejudiced or racist actions. In fact, the U.S. has been a leader in civil rights laws over the last 60 years.

The problem is with local municipalities and the people who work for them.

It may be lack of training, guidance or tools needed to do the job. There is also the stress put upon the officers who are on the front lines, so to speak.

Each incident should be looked at on its own merits and not thrown in as part of a “trend.”

Policing is a very difficult job, and it doesn’t help if our young are taught to have no respect or to fear the badge.

But our anthem and our flag does not represent what is happening in our country today. They represent an ideal we should strive for.

Some of these sports players might have served our country, and I’m sure some of their fathers, grandfathers or great-grandfathers served because they believed in our anthem and flag.

Many of us, men and women, gave the best years of our lives to defend our way of life and some actually gave their lives!

I applaud these players for their willingness to support the cause in light of the president’s comments; that’s what America is about. But I don’t think they should do it in uniform in front of fans who paid to see a game. Do it elsewhere. And if they really want to send a message at a game, they should take a knee and stay there for the whole game!

I won’t be watching, anyway.