Recognition due Warren City Schools


Earlier this month, the Ohio Department of Education released the state report card measuring the success and challenges of each school district across the State of Ohio. The report card for the Warren City Schools reflects the success of our students and staff in the areas that have been a focus for improvement over the last few years.

First, and not mentioned on the report card, I absolutely have to recognize the Warren City School District Preschool Program, a five-star rated program in all 10 preschool classrooms across the district. This five-star rating is the highest, most rigorous and most prestigious rating awarded to preschools in the state of Ohio. This foundation is critical in the development of our youngest learners, 300 three- and four-year- old children across the Warren City Schools.

This preschool foundation enables our students in the elementary schools to become strong readers and writers. The success of our students is evidenced by a significantly improved K-3 Literacy grade, up two letter grades from last year, now rated a “C,” with two of our four schools rated individually as a “B.” Those two buildings, Jefferson and Lincoln, are to be commended for their efforts. Additionally, these two schools also tied with one another last year in having the highest student attendance in the district, clearly creating a climate of learning and high expectations.

Warren G. Harding High School is also celebrating a significantly improved four-year graduation rate, which is up at 86.3 percent, nearly three percentage points higher than the state of Ohio average four-year graduation rate! Warren G. Harding High School has more academic and extra-curricular offerings than any other public high school in the region, and our Warren G. Harding Raiders continue to make us all proud, both in and out of the classroom.

The Warren City School District students, staff and families have all worked hard to improve the educational experience for our youth in the city of Warren, and together, we celebrate our areas of success as we continue to move forward.


Mayor of Warren