Puerto Rico needs our help now


We need immediate help in getting the 910th Airlift Wing Base C-130 aircraft tasked to take supplies to Puerto Rico. Other bases in other states are doing these tasks.

Individuals at the base are sympathetic and say everyone there wants to help, but they need orders. It’s in the corner of our elected congressmen and senators. They should not let this time slip by with some political excuse.

This is an urgent matter. My older brother in Puerto Rico stated to me, “Now I know how a caveman feels. I go out every morning looking for water and food.” I could not stop the tears as my prayers went out to the people in Puerto Rico. He and his wife are in their late 70s and not in the best of health. He also stated the U.S. government should consider flying American citizens out, as the commercial airlines were charging $2,000+ per ticket.

I retired from the 910th Airlift Wing and had the honor of working with the most remarkable people I have ever served with to include my distinguish Unit 76 APS. I served in Desert Shield / Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom missions, and many other tours. Before I came back into the 910th in 1985, I had other previous experiences / skills as an Army Combat Field Medic in Vietnam.

God bless America and its people. God bless all the American citizens of Puerto Rico.