NFL is not a platform for social issues


I’m somewhat confused as to why several NFL players are still protesting against the American establishment (flag).

I have spoken to many people and we can’t agree why the protest is ongoing. Reasons varied from police brutality, racial inequality, lack of jobs and the lack of opportunities to pursue a college education. These issues should be addressed by community leaders and not by NFL players.

NFL players should be expressing gratitude to everyone who gave them an opportunity to play football. High School through college, athletes enjoy a variety of benefits. They are given every opportunity to advance in sports and the classroom. There is no racial inequality in high school or college sports, nor is there racial inequality in the NFL.

Every athlete employed by the NFL is paid extremely well. If these athletes are protesting social issues, then they should meet with their community leaders and express their concerns. I don’t think that using the NFL as a platform to express one’s social views is acceptable.

As for not standing for the National Anthem, I have talked to employed and unemployed people, to educated and to uneducated. They all said they would never disrespect this country or the American flag. If people choose to get a college education, participate in sports or work hard, everyone has an opportunity to be successful in this country.