Make renters pay school levy as well


You had me again at the word homeowner. Niles has asked for money for the police department, the fire department, park and recreational, etc. Now they actually have the nerve to ask homeowners to pay $19 a month or more for a school levy in Niles.

When I worked, I set aside money for repairs to my house upkeep, improvements, mortgage payments, my car, life and medical insurance, groceries, utilities and operation of my household. It took how many times to commit to new schools on the ballot and then you put it on the ballot in an off-year election to get it passed.

Did you think about setting money aside for the upkeep? Evidently not and now they want more money again. The owner of a $70,000 home is to pay $19 a month. If you have not noticed the population of Niles is less than 20,000 people. Half of them are renters, the other half home owners and most are retired and on a fixed income with no children living here anymore. They moved out because there was nothing to offer them to make them stay. Now, as I see it, most of the renters have children. It is time to get into the 21st century. I suggest anyone renting should also have to pay $19 a month.

Can’t afford this? Then the landlords should pay this amount. I think this is only fair.