Kneeling NFL players violate policy


Several points related to the recent national anthem at sporting events issue have not been publicized.

First, there is a clause in the NFL’s union contract / rule book stating all players and coaches are required to be on the field for the playing of the national anthem and stand at attention with their hats off and right hand over their heart, showing respect and appreciation for the U.S. and all who have been injured or killed defending our freedoms. It also states there will be penalties for those who don’t comply.

Contrary to so many claims made by those defending people like Colin Kaepernik, this is not a freedom of speech issue. Nowhere else in the country would an employee be allowed to engage in politics or make social statements while on the job. I know I would be fired for doing that where I work. Those players and coaches have all the freedom of speech they want outside of their employer’s place of business, but when you are at work you are there to do whatever your employer needs you to do, not to engage in politics or make social statements.

Furthermore, the players, coaches and at least one idiotic owner who stand during the Star Spangled Banner while locking arms are obviously displaying the same sentiment as those who sit or kneel, which is to say they think America is a bad country that allows awful injustices to prevail, especially against everyone except white males. It’s the same old hateful, lying propaganda the liberals have been perpetuating for decades.

Of all people in America, owners, coaches and players in professional sports have been richly blessed; they should be ashamed of themselves for disrespecting our country. The players, especially, should be on their knees every day thanking God for blessing them with superior natural athletic talent and that they were born in the United States. Instead, they’re going to bad mouth our country? That is unbelievable and disgusting.

I have a suggestion for those who won’t honor the country they were lucky enough to be born in: Renounce your U.S. citizenship and move to wherever you think is better. Try North Korea or Cuba. Spoiled ingrates might fit right in a communist hellhole.

President Trump is absolutely right about this one.


Mineral Ridge