Drug education in schools can help


I now visualize only one outcome for America, total eclipse of a great nation.

I am speaking of the drug epidemic we now face all over the U.S.

What will it take to wake up our leaders in this nation? The epidemic is knocking at everyone’s front door, beginning to smash it down.

I asked a drug counselor if he goes to schools to lecture on drugs in their auditoriums. He said no, he has asked the principals and they would not let him.

We can plainly see it every day in the newspapers, on television, on the internet and in person. That lesson, my friends, starts in the school systems.

Listen, it must be embedded in the mind of children as they move from adolescent to adult, “Drug abuse will destroy you. No compromise.”

At this time in our country and this society, when so much drug abuse has gone on overtime, our children have begun to think it is normal behavior to dabble with drugs.

People in America fear World War III with other nations, namely North Korea. That is nothing compared to what is happening right this minute in communities all over the U.S. We are at war, right now. The outcome will be more destructive than the hydrogen bomb; it will leave a ravished society, one to fall to other nations’ wills.

I ask all who care about our children and America’s welfare to please write to your leaders. Ask them to write and pass a bill that requires all schools in America, in every grade from kindergarten to 12, to teach an anti-drug class to the school children. It will make a difference; I promise you that!