Don’t vote on name recognition in Mecca


To vote this year will not do much in regards to Township Fiscal Officer Debbie Drawl because she is not up for election. However, a vote in the trustee race may help or add to the problem.

Residents should go to the meetings to see for themselves, but there are no more regular meetings scheduled before the election.

Fiscal Officer Debbie Drawl’s husband, Thomas Drawl, and candidate Bill Harrison have been going door to door and basically running together. A vote for them is a vote for Debbie. I have been going to most meetings since I retired in 2016, and I have nothing against any of them. But it saddens me to see what is going on in our township. I don’t see how anyone who regularly attends township meetings could back the present fiscal officer.

I don’t like to vote uninformed, and I wish more residents would have been attending meetings. It wouldn’t take very many meetings to see what Debbie is like in that chair. I don’t expect anyone to take my word for this, but with the township and so much at stake, before you cast a vote, talk to residents who attend the meetings.

Also, a vote for Bill Harrison is a vote for Tom Drawl, Debbie’s husband. I voted for Bill Harrison every time, even after he resigned. I don’t think I can ever vote for him again with the stance he has taken at the meetings. It bothers me about the direction this township is going and the direction it may go with the wrong trustees in place. I’ve lived in Mecca for 59 years.

I give credit to the three trustees that are there now for sticking it out. It makes it many times harder for them to do the job with our current fiscal officer.

Please don’t just vote on name recognition alone!