Trees are vital to park setting


This is in regards to hiring of a new Niles parks director.

The larger parks in the city of Niles, Waddell and Stevens, were donated so all residents of the city could enjoy them for years to come. The well-meaning families of Jacob Waddell and Harry Stevens donated the parks with the intent that they would serve the entire community to gather and to socialize. Citizens of Niles have enjoyed the generosityof these families for years; however, the parks are being converted more and more to playgrounds, offering more and more open area for games, with the great loss of trees. Certainly trees are a part of a park setting, and one expects to see trees as one enters a park.

Care of the remaining trees and planting of new trees is needed. It is our hope that the person chosen as the next director of the parks will have some knowledge of trees, especially maintenance and preservation of the existing trees. Naturally, open areas are needed for soccer, baseball and football, but also shade from trees are welcome to the fans that watch the games. Trees get old and need to be trimmed and cared for. Old ones need to be replaced with new seedlings that are given time to grow and mature.

Trees provide a continual source of energy to clean the air we breathe. Research reveals that people who exercise outdoors in green-space derive greater mental health benefits; and trees are an important part of the green-space, along with walking trails throughout the park. We should encourage the understanding and learning of the various species of trees along with learning the names of birds that live in the parks. Certainly nature needs to be preserved for future generations of children learning about trees, wildlife habitats and other natural features. Science classes can benefit with what Niles so proudly protects and preserves.

The selection of parks director is important to the future of our parks. Attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.