Time for change at Mathews schools


It’s time we come together as a community and do what’s best for our children and residents. We have driven a wedge deep into our community, (I include myself) and it’s time we stop the bleeding.

Egos and attitudes are not going to do anything except continue to hurt the kids and the residents of the Mathews school district.

We have to make changes and make them now. Sometimes change is a hard thing to accept, but we have no choice. With November fast approaching, I’m asking all voters to take a long, hard look at who we put in the three seats. Three new faces and three new sets of ideas have to be better than what we have had the past four years. Bond issue after bond issue, the residents of this community have spoken five times, and their voices fell on deaf ears.

It’s time we triage the problems with our schools and make repairs accordingly; open our district to bidding of services such as fuel for our buses, maintenance on our buildings and other purchases of equipment and material needed in daily operations. We all shop at home, why should this be any different? It’s taxpayer money; let’s use it wisely.

Our attendance has fallen by 264 children from the 2006 school year to the 2017 school year. We have room to move the board of education into Baker Elementary or the high school and close Currie Elementary. We may need to lease or buy a couple classroom trailers. We have to make cuts and changes where we can, if we intend to save this district. With the steady decline in students, we cannot operate with the same number of buildings and employees. Sell the old Prestwick golf course and Currie building and use these funds to make repairs that must be done now. To this point, I’ve not gone to the residents and asked for one penny. With only 30 seniors graduating from the high school in the 2016-2017 school year, a new school for Mathews is out of the question.

We can save Mathews schools if we all accept change. If we don’t change, we are looking at consolidation, which, I hope, we don’t have to pursue. The problems with our buildings didn’t come overnight and they sure can’t be corrected overnight.