Return one-way signs to Perkins Park


A very special bonus to living in the Warren area is the exceptional parking system. My dog and I manage to walk in Perkins Park most days.

The maintenance staff at the park is top notch, with the facilities and playing fields well-kept, and the Warren Community Amphitheatre a manicured jewel.

In the past years, there were one-way signs on the road in the park. The signs disappeared early in the season and have not been replaced. The road is not wide enough for the two-way traffic and drivers see that their destination is closer if they go what used to be the wrong way. You can’t blame them for taking the shorter distance, as they are also usually pressed for time. So they at least triple the 10 mph speed limit.

It is the beginning of the soccer season, and I am concerned that a child chasing a ball may be the victim of a wrong-way driver or one who has to swerve to make room on the narrow road. Perhaps one of the soccer moms or dads can get to the right person to get the signs replaced.