I thought they were just incompetent


We hear from every major news outlet how President Trump is a name caller.

The latest targets are Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

The media laments, sarcastically I believe, “How will Trump get his initiatives passed if he continues the name calling?”

I thought the media might be correct. How would the president get “Obamacare” repealed, lower corporate and personal tax rates and get the Wall passed?

But wait, didn’t the non-Democrat voters elect people to the Senate and the House to do the same things? So are we to think that Congress won’t do what they promised their voters because the president is calling them names? The media is kidding, right? The leaders in Congress are that petty and childish? I know they haven’t gotten anything done, but I thought they were just incompetent.

Who knew they might be petty and childish?


Newton Falls